Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Don't Forget Us, Ashton

Last weekend we had our annual Murri Family Reunion. We look forward to this reunion every second week of August and every year it is amazing. We go to our grandparents cabin located in Ashton and we stay for the whole weekend, Thursday-Saturday. Some even stay 'til Sunday! This year almost all of us were there. There were approximately 58 family member there this year and we were missing about 9 or 10.
Unfortunately this year the cabin was put up for sale and it ended up selling just before the reunion started. It is so hard to say goodbye to the cabin because we've all been going there since birth. The cabin was built in 1978 and our families have been going multiple times every year since then. From snowmachining to holidays, family reunions, boating, you name it we've done it. It's like losing a family member almost. The cabin is so much work and my grandparents have been taking care of it as well as their own home. So we know it was the right decision, but it still is so hard. Thousands of memories came from being at the cabin and it was one of the things if not the main thing that bonded our family. So in that case, I really should give the credit to my grandparents for providing it for us. They're the real heroes. It's amazing how close our families are and it's all because of them and the love they have for all of us. We missed those few family members that couldn't be there, I know they were heart broken when they couldn't come. So with that, here is our last Murri Reunion at the cabin in Ashton...
Hailey playing with Tayen. Tayen really enjoyed the cabin and it was his first trip there. I was so happy he got to experience a reunion there. He slept so much because he just loved being outside and I know it just wore him right out!
3 of my cousins were pregnant at this reunion and all looking so beautiful. Chloe isn't pictured here, but I will point here out in another picture.

Tayen enjoying being outside in his playmat.

For some reason, on top of Ring Toss (which we do every year as a big tournament), volleyball was kind of the big thing this year. We had so much fun, I think I played like 7 or 8 games. I was so sore by the end of the reunion ha ha.
My adorable nephew, Boston. I just love this cute kid.

Chloe was my other cousin who was pregnant at the reunion. She's the one on the far left in the blue.
Murri Ring Toss Tournament! (MRRT)
Ok, here's a better belly pic of Chloe. Doesn't she look so cute pregnant? I'm jealous.

We ate a lot of fruit while there too. It was so hot so the fruit was amazingly refreshing.
Great Grandma and Tayen. My grandparents have around 26 grandkids and they will have 11 or 12 great grands by the end of the year...and she loves each and every one of them to death!
It was so hot that we ended up taking off Tayen's shorts. He seemed to do a lot better after that ha ha.
Brycen loved playing in the water. Don't you just love his cute hat? He likes wearing it too, which makes it even better.
This is seriously one of my favorite places in the world. It is so beautiful, peaceful, and full of hundreds, maybe thousands of memories. We are so sad to see the cabin go, but we know it's for the best. We will cherish it for as long as we live and look back and remember all the wonderful times we had. I want to thank my amazing grandparents for starting it all and for bringing our families so close. It has truly been a blessing. I'm even more grateful I get to come back to the cabin in September with my immediate family for our own reunion. It will be the last time we stay there. I look forward to all the new memories we will make in the future with our family. Don't forget us Ashton, we love you.