Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Amy and Adam!

This year Amy turned 23 and we celebrated with a little get together at my parents. It was a lot of fun just hanging out with the fam for a bit. We missed Tyson, Alli, and Brycen that day, but we were able to see them on Mother's Day which was even better! I intended to do this post before Mother's Day, but it didn't happen so it's a little out of order ha ha. Sorry! Adam also turned 21 on May 15th! It was weird not celebrating with him at home, but we were so happy to be able to sing happy birthday to him on Mother's Day via Skype. He said he had a great birthday in Australia! 

 Che and I got this really funny card about redheads ha ha. If you look closely the front of the card has a bunch of red headed people on it ha ha.

Tayen seriously loves play mats ha ha

Amy and all her besties
We sent this picture to Australia with a birthday card and letters for Adam. I was just being goofy. Thought it would give him a laugh. "Yader" is a nickname that we call Adam if you were wondering ha ha.

Happy Birthday Amy and Adam! We love you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Special Day in Every Way

May 13, 2012 was such a special day for the Miles family. Our little Tayen was blessed!! Che did such an amazing job with the blessing and Tayen was such a good boy. It was such a wonderful morning, and being my first Mother's Day just made it that more wonderful. The weather was beautiful and everything about this day was special...
Tayen ready for his big day!
During the opening hymn right before Tayen was blessed. I think he's pretty excited! Thanks Jerron for getting such a darling picture!
After the blessing we took a couple of family pictures outside
Going home. Great job on the blessing, Dad!
Afterwards, Che's family came to our house for some cinnamon rolls and juice and celebrated a little Mother's Day. We got Che's mom the Grandmother willow tree and she loved it! This being her first grandchild, it was a perfect Mother's Day Gift.
I got this willow tree from Che for Mother's Day. I almost cried when I saw it. It's seriously one of the most wonderful willow trees I've seen. I love it so much. Thanks babe, I love you!
Thanks to Che's Aunt Traci and my Mother-In-Law, Nari for the sweet Mother's Day Gifts. They both got me something since it was my first Mother's Day.
After Che's family left, we headed to my parents house to celebrate Mother's Day and Tayen's big day. We had some yummy pork sandwhiches and fruit. It was so delicious! Here's my stinkin' cute nephew Brycen. I love him!
Mom opening her gifts for Mother's Day. She got gift cards, a watch, jewelry, and a willow tree from Che and I.
We got her this on called "Quest" because he looked like a missionary. Thought it would be perfect next to Adam's missionary picture. She loved it.
On top of Tayen's blessing and Mother's Day, we had another special event happen...Skyping Adam!! It was so wonderful! We talked to him for an hour and a half! Each couple took turns talking and showing Adam his nephews. He loved seeing his nephews an dhow much they've all changed. Adam is doing really well and it just made the day even more special to be able to talk to him. We were even able to sing happy birthday to him since his birthday was today (May 15th). In Australia his birthday was Monday (May 14th here). We are all so proud of him. We love you so much, Adam!

All the grandkids!! And one on the way in July!! Another boy, yay!
We tried getting pictures of these three and as you can tell, they were not having it ha ha. You should have seen all the pictures Che got of these guys. So much drama in each one! Brycen was sad then happy, Tayen was sad then happy, and Boston just looked confused the whole time. The funniest was that in all these pictures, Boston looked like the peacemaker and generally looked concernced for his crying cousins. Love these boys!! They all just crack me up!
I had such a wonderful Mother's Day. I can't believe how wonderful it is to be a mom!! I love it soo much! I'm so thankful for the power of the priesthood so that my amazing husband could give his son a blessing. I love them both so much and feel so lucky to have this special family of mine. I'm so grateful for my little brother Adam for serving a mission. We are so proud of him and I am so happy we got to talk to him! It was truly a special day in every way :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter 2012

This year we spent Easter at my mom and dad's. They made an amazing dinner and it was also Tayen's first holiday!! For Easter, Che and I got Tayen an Easter outfit from Kohls. It was a cute duck onesie that looks adorable on him. Tayen was just over 3 weeks old for his first holiday. And we had a very relaxing and wonderful one!

 Aunt Amy and Tayen

 It's not Easter without a Reese's Egg for dessert!

 Great Grandma holding Tayen
3 weeks
 4 Weeks
 5 Weeks
6 Weeks

I can't believe my little guy is over 6 weeks old!! I feel like I just had him! We are so blessed to have him in our lives. Love my family so much! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!