Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

 This year was so special for Halloween because it was Tayen's very first!! Halloween is a big deal at my house because we absolutely love it!! Next to Christmas, Halloween rocks our socks! A couple weekends ago, Alli and I celebrated our 28th birthday and had a girls weekend in Ogden. It was so much fun! I sadly don't have many pictures from it but we did get some amazingly cute pictures of our kiddos in their costumes! Brycen was a farmer, Boston a chicken, Carter a cow, and Tayen the "prize-winning" pumpkin (according to Alli ha ha). It's so funny how it worked out. This was unplanned completely! I loved how their costumes just all went together. It was so fun and quite entertaining taking these Halloween pictures. We had so much fun shopping, eating, and partying in Ogden. Thanks for a fun weekend guys!

Tayen's first Halloween
 Halloween day was quite a long one. We planned on visiting a lot of family, so we had to plan accordingly. We were so excited to show off our little pumpkin. I found this costume at Carter's when I was in Ogden one weekend. I'm a classic Halloween costume kind of girl so I HAD to have this pumpkin costume. Turns out, it truly was perfect for Tayen. He looked so cute in it and it was so convenient! Underneath was just a long black shirt and tight pants. All I had to do was unzip and remove the actual pumpkin if he got too hot.
First stop for Halloween was Blackfoot. We Trick-or-Treated to all the family houses there and also stopped for lunch at Wingers. It was so much fun! We really enjoyed seeing everyone's faces when they saw Tayen. We gave Tayen a bucket to hold and he had such a firm grip on that thing! He didn't want to let it go, it was so cute.
Looking at Grandma Miles' dogs 
 Tayen and Grandma Miles
 He even got a couple new toys from Grandma Miles! Grandma O'Connor also gave him the green bucket filled with loads of goodies inlcuding a Halloween book and pumpkin light. Tayen used the bucket that night for Halloween and we even brought his light...which he loves.

 Tayen and Great Grandma Hernandez
 We also went to visit Grandpa Miles at work in the shop
 Tayen and Great Grandma Miles
After Blackfoot, we headed back to Idaho Falls and relaxed for an hour or so. Then we took our pumpkin and were off to see more family!
 Tayen with Great Grandma and Grandpa Murri
Tayen and Grandma O'Connor
We went to Grandma and Grandpa O'Connor's house for chili and cornbread and it was so good!! We relaxed and enjoyed our Halloween night. Cousin Boston was also there and him and Tayen had a lot of fun playing together.
Tayen and Grandpa O'Connor
 Dad and Tayen
 Mom and Tayen

 We had such a fun day. It was an exciting first Halloween for Tayen, and he even filled the bottom of his bucket with some awesome candy!! Thanks to everyone who made it so fun!
Happy Halloween!