Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bump Update

I am officially 32 WEEKS!!

Good grief time has flown by! Feels like yesterday when I announced what I was having!
I've had a few appointments over the last 12 weeks, my recent one being on Tuesday (same day as my sister's 12 week appointment, so fun)! So far, everything looks really good. I had my glucose test and am relieved to have had great results! That drink was seriously nasty ha ha. I thought it wouldn't be too bad, but it was a little worse than I thought. Took about an hour for my stomach to calm down.

I found out that Tayen is a MOVER. Holy crap does this kid move a lot! He is all over in there. It's all day too. He moves the most while I'm working at my computer and when I go to bed at night ha ha. But I can't help but feel sooo grateful for all that moving. It's such a wonderful feeling and can never get annoyed of it. I don't think I've even gotten over the SHOCK yet of being pregnant ha ha, and I'm almost done! So weird.

Che and I recently bought our crib and baby bedding. It was so fun ordering it together, picking it up, and putting it together. I just love it! We also got a matching valance that is soo cute. I will probably take some more pictures later of Tayen's room, but here's a sneak peak at the bedding. We've also bought some diapers here and there a different grocery trips and have gotten clothes from our mom's already. But that's quite normal! They're just super excited! Especially Che's mom. She isn't a Grandma yet, so she is thrilled. Che is an only child, so she's relying on us to give her grandkids ha ha.
We've already gotten a few stuffed animals from some family. They are already best friends as you can tell :)

Che putting up the valance

 I forgot to mention that over the weekend my mom and I got to spend time with Tyson, Alli, and Brycen in Ogden. It was so much fun. I love that Alli and I can talk pregnancy, it's what I've wished for forever!! We had such an amazing weekend and I discovered a few new things about Brycen, including that I think he is going to enjoy baking just like his mom :)

My Young Women and leaders threw me and another leader (Jessica) in our ward a baby shower on Tuesday. It was so much fun and so sweet of them. We played a few games and they got us a cake as well. It was a blue and pink shower since I'm having a boy and Jessica is having a girl. The girls also tied blankets for us and we got a fun little gift bag full of goodies. We have the best YW ever! I just love my calling.

Don't you just love the cake?

Everyone seriously had a blast
Can't forget the candybar diaper game!!! That actually didn't go over to well with me ha ha. The melted candybars started to look too real and I almost puked ha ha.
By the end of the shower, some of the girls decided to eat the baby food from on of the games. I love these girls, they're hilarious! Did I already mention how much I love my calling? :)


I haven't felt sick at all for the passed 10 weeks, just really tired. I'm starting to slow waaay down and beginning to waddle ha ha. Che says I've been waddling for awhile and I'm sure that's true. I guess I just didn't realize it til now. Being short doesn't help any either ha ha!

I've had crazy pregnancy dreams/nightmares and sometimes wake up swetting. I have baby on the brain 24/7. I've sat in bed sometimes wondering what a contraction feels like and if I will know when I have one. I've wondered if I will go full term or come early, if I take pain better than I think, if I will have complications, if being a mom will come too hard for me...I just think about these things so much! I do think that when the time comes though, that everything will turn out and that I will love that baby so much that the answers will all just slowly come.
My little brother leaves on his mission 6 days after my due date. I just know it will be an emotional month for everyone. It's such an exciting time for many things that it's hard to wrap my head around it all. But in the end my heart bursts with gratitude knowing how blessed I am. I'm just so grateful for my family and for this baby on the way. I'm so grateful for my little brother and the choice he's made to go on a mission. I just know he'll do great. Even though I have so many thoughts right now of everything that's going on, my heart is so full and I LOVE my life. I am so incredibly lucky. I know Che will be an amazing dad and can't wait for him to hold his son for the first time. My Heavenly Father has blessed me with the best companion in the world, the best family in the world, and a baby boy on the way. So many countless blessings!
FUTURE MISSIONARY...I just love my little bro
Here's to the last couple months of pregnancy!! Can't wait!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 2011

I can't even begin to tell you how busy our December 2011 was. On top of all of the Christmas shopping and hussel and bussel, we had three birthdays, my choir concert, and parties out our ears! We also got a crib and set it up after Christmas, so a lot of exciting things!! I've posted quite a few pictures from this month so enjoy!!

Choralaires Christmas Concert: December 5, 2011
My Choir Buddies: Steph, Elise, and Temala
Me and Steph (Both of us are taking a break from the choir thing this semester because we're both expecting! So fun! She is due this month (January) and I'm due in March so no singing for us!
It was a great semester!

Che and Mom's Birthday Party
 We also had a party in Blackfoot for Che's mom, but like an idiot, I forgot my camera.
 Can't go wrong with Papa Murphy's!!
 Boston and "Grandpa"
 Lighting the candles
 Boston in his super cute PJ's. I just love him!
 The Cake (Che picked it out and chose what it would say ha ha)
 Happy birthday to you!

 Adam just happy to be there ha ha

The Annual O'Connor Christmas Eve Party
 Grandma and Grandpa came over and took a picture with their Great Grandkids. So cute!
 Taco dip! My favorite. Thanks Erica for the recipe!

 So much amazing food. I think we had more treats than REAL food ha ha.

 I had to throw this picture in here because it made me laugh so hard. Che just looks crazy (plus he gave himself a mohawk) and Brycen just looks loopy ha ha.

Christmas Day
 The morning of Christmas, Che and I opened gifts and then headed over afterwards to my parents house. We both loved what we got!
 Che enjoyed his Christmas...especially the GNC on the go Blender I got him.
 I loved my new purse and wallet. Man did I need a new wallet!
 Opening presents at my parents house
 Brycen loved his Christmas. It was so fun watching him
 He mostly just wanted to play with his new Toy Story ball. He was so excited, it was so cute.

 Even Boston loved it! ;)
 Tayen even got a few gifts! Britney and Aaron got him some wrist toys and Amy got him this stuffed duck that laughs ha ha (She didn't know it laughed)

 I got a new scentsy warmer and scent from Alli and I loved it!
 Che got some new tools from my dad, which he LOVED

 We had such a fun Christmas and got a lot of fun stuff! That day Alli, Amy, and I all sang in my ward for Sacrament Meeting and then went our separate ways to our In-Laws. Later that night we partied some more back at the O'Connor's and played lots of games. It was soo much fun! Alli and Brycen were in Idaho Falls for 2 weeks!! I am so grateful I had so much time to spend with them. Tyson had to go back to Ogden to work, but he got to stay for in I.F for about a week. We love the Millers and always miss them, so we were happy they got to stay long.

December 26, 2011: 3D Ultrasound
Are these pictures just so amazing? He looks like he has my nose ha ha
He's already flexing...definitely his dad's son

New Year's
After Christmas we did get together for New Years and had Sukiyaki. We usually have it on my mom's birthday, but we wanted Alli and Tyson to be there. I didn't get pictures, but I can tell ya that we partied hard!! Loved our holidays this year! Thanks to my family for all the great food, fun, and laughter. I love you all!

 December got even better when my sister, Alli made an ANNOUNCEMENT...
 She's expecting!!! So excited for them!
And we are only 4 months apart!! She is due in July! This no...THIS YEAR really couldn't have gotten any better. I'm so grateful to be pregnant let alone be pregnant along with my twin. It's a dream I've always wanted.

2012 will be a life changing year! I will post a pregnancy update soon! I still can't believe it's almost here! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

My New Year word for 2012 is LOVE...what will yours be?