Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Girls Weekend

This weekend we went to my grandparents cabin and had a girls weekend!! I was so excited to go, the week just couldn't have gone by fast enough. The partiers included: Myself, Mom, Grandma, Alli, Britney, and Amy. We got to Ashton Friday Morning and then left Saturday afternoon and we sure did party!!

This is what we saw when we pulled into the driveway. Look at all that snow!!

Amy standing on the railing. She could just fall back and land softly in the snow. That's how high it was. Looked like 6 feet!

Had to take a picture of beautiful Fall River. We saw a few deer just hangin' out down by the river bank. Such a beautiful place.

We did A LOT of this.

More snow!! This is the deck in the backyard.
Snow covering the shop...can you see the door? It's to the right of the window :)
Grandma rolling up her sleeves getting ready for some serious partying.

We had lots of yummy treats at the cabin including a veggie tray, which obviously Alli loved ha ha!! I think she got a little too much ranch on that little peapod.

Snacking after dinner. Sorry this picture is dark

Alli brought her amazing white chocolate krispies, and she put Easter M&M's in them. Nothing like Easter candy to make a treat even better! I honestly can't remember the actual name of these treats, but Che' calls them "Heaven."

More treats!

Mom and Alli doing the dishes after yummy a Chicken and Rice Soup dinner.

Ripple!!! My new favorite game. I kind of want to start a Ripple night once a month. I love cards!
Grandma just got a negative 20! (That's a good thing). You want to get the least amount of points possible. Can you see her excitement?!

We had so much fun at the cabin I just want to do it every weekend!! Thanks girls for all the fun!
Oh and did I mention I finally got my blog printed for the last 3 years? I actually deleted quite a few random posts and look how thick it still is! I'm so happy to have it done!
Also...I just want to shout out to my twin sister, Alli, a huge THANK YOU! She nominated me for Retreat Day Spa's Ultimate Makeover Giveaway and I won!! I can't thank her enough and I'm so excited to be pampered! For someone to take the time to write up an email and send it in about someone else is seriously the sweetest and most thoughtful thing ever. Alli, I love you so much! I can't thank you enough. I hope you know how happy this made me!

Monday, March 7, 2011


I really wanted to do a post on how I've been feeling lately. Mostly for "journal" purposes, since that is mostly what my blog is. This last year was super hard and we had lots of struggles, but I've moved on and tried to stay positive about things. Well it's 2011, and although I've stayed super busy and kind of crazy, I am now finally feeling very happy. I've always been happy, but this is a different kind. Any of my close friends and family members will know what I mean.
  • Well work hasn't changed much and honestly, I don't really enjoy either of my jobs that much, but I kind of just block it out when I'm there. Instead, I think about the weekend and all the fun things coming up...and that makes me happy.
  • I'm always trying to lose weight. It's seriously my biggest struggle. But, just recently I've lost 15 pounds and it feels great! I have much more to lose, but I think I can do it. I want to lose a lot more, but my goal is to lose 20 more pounds before our honeymoon. 15 pounds is a big number! And that makes me happy!
  • Speaking of honeymoon...Che and I finally booked it, as I mentioned in my last post. I think this has helped with my weight loss motivation. I still can't believe we're actually going. I can't wait to spend this time with Che. We've needed a trip like this for soooo long. It makes me so happy to know that in 2 months, we'll be on a Carribbean Cruise soaking up that wonderful sun...and that makes me sooo happy.
  • I can't believe I would feel this happy being an Aunt. I love it so much! I have the best nephew ever and another niece or nephew on the way! I secretly am hoping it's a niece :). I feel so blessed to be have Brycen in my life. And I can't wait for the newest addition in 6 months! It makes me so happy!
  • I know one day I will have a family of my own and I can't help but wonder all the time... What are my kids going to look like? Will they share the same personalities as their parents? How big will our family be? So many questions and so much excitement. These thoughts are constantly on my mind and continue to make excited for the future. But for now, Che and I love each other more than we did the day we were married and we love our life so much...and that makes me happy.
  • Yesterday was Fast Sunday and I bore my testimony for the first time in Sacrament Meeting in probably 7 years. I know, it sounds absolutely awful. I have done it in Relief Society, Young Women's, and other places but it's been so long since I've shared it in Sacrament Meeting. It was such an amazing feeling. As I listened to the other testimonies I started to become so emotional. All of the sudden I had the urge to share. I felt like I was physically lifted up out of my chair and Che didn't even touch me. I knew I needed to go up there and I did. I cried the whole time. I am so happy that I was given the callings that I have. Even though, I can become so overwhelmed at times with everything else going on, I wouldn't ask for anything different. I can't really describe how I felt up there any other way. It was kind of a "Ah ha" moment. The spirit was with me so strong that day...and oh did it make me happy.
  • After booking our trip, I felt like I needed a little change...physically. I've been working on the weight loss part, but I felt like I wanted to change my hair. So I went in to Great Clips where my sister Amy works, and she cut away at my hair. She cut a couple inches off, layered it more, and I even got bangs. I really like it! And you know what else?
I'm Happy