Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter was a whole different ball game this year. Last year, Tayen was only 3 weeks old so he didn't move around much ha ha. This year, the Easter bunny came to our house and Tayen got some fun things! On Saturday, he dug into his basket which was so funny to watch. He got a kick out of the eggs filled with jelly beans. He shook those things forever! Earlier that day, my mom and I took Tayen to his first egg hunt in Ucon. Tayen did really well and picked up two eggs, one in each hand. I grabbed a couple more for him, but he was a happy camper with those two eggs I tell ya!

Right before the Ucon Egg this minion hat on him. So cute :)
Easter Sunday, we went to church and had a really nice meeting. It's so nice when we can all be together as a family at church. Che works rotating shifts so sometimes he won't be with us for a few weeks in a row. I was so grateful he was able to spend Easter with us. For singing time, I had an Easter Egg Hunt for the Junior Primary. They loved it of course but thought I did a bad job hiding the eggs according to two little boys ha ha... "That's too easy!" After church, we changed our clothes and headed straight to Blackfoot to Grandma and Grandpa Miles' house for Easter dinner. We had crab, shrimp, salad, and garlic bread! Sooo yummy! We had a lot of fun and Tayen even got to do another egg hunt that Grandma and Grandpa Miles set up! He sure loves those eggs ha ha!
 The lighting was perfect for taking pictures and I couldn't get enough of my little boy and his cuteness! Those overalls just really looked adorable on him. Thanks Great Grandma Murri for the overalls! Seriously was a perfect little Easter outfit.


Before we left for home, Grandma and Tay went out to see the "doggies." He loves those dogs, it's so cute. Later that night we dropped by Grandma and Grandpa O'Connor's and had some yummy bread! We had a very wonderful Easter!