Sunday, March 23, 2014


I still can't believe he's here! Felt like yesterday when I was just announcing my pregnancy! We are so happy and thankful for this bundle of joy. He melts our hearts every day and we love him so much. Here are a 10 things about Jaxson in his first 7 weeks of birth:
1. He smiles ALL the time. And it's not "Colic grin" like my grandpa usually says. He smiles when you talk to him, sing to him, and maybe a little colic grin here and there ha ha. My grandpa saw it for himself the other day and he got Jaxson smiling up a storm. It was so sweet.
2. Jaxson has had colic really bad and we think we've found just the right formula for him, so we hope it continues to get better!
3. He's much chunkier than Tayen was at this age and has already moved into 0-3 month clothes!
4. No one has a clue who he looks like ha ha. None of our families can't really even venture a guess. I think the older he gets the more we'll be able to tell. He definitely looks different than Tayen though!
5. He takes little naps here and there, but has a 2-3 hour tummy time nap in the middle of the day. At night he sleeps 2-3 hours in between feedings. I'm still kind of tired, but Jaxson seems to be starting to sleep longer so hopefully we'll get more sleep!
6. He drinks 4 oz of formula

7. He makes the cutest noises

8. He loves to be held close
9. He hates binkies, but he lets me give him a soothie every once and a while to help him calm down and go to sleep.

10. He is loved beyond measure.


We have two children and I still can't believe it. In the hospital, I jotted down everything, or most things, that happened leading up to Jaxson's birth. So, I am going to share it for journal purposes:

I previously had a C-Section with Tayen and decided to have a repeat with Jaxson. I thought and prayed about it and in the end felt that I needed to have a second. I'm not one for risks no matter how small. The bad part about it for me was knowing the date I would have him. Now usually that is a good thing. You know his birthday and you can prepare. For me, it freaked me out and I wanted to throw up the night before the surgery ha ha!

Well, the night before the big day, Che and I drove to Blackfoot and dropped off our little Tayen. At first it was really hard to leave him, but I knew how much fun he would have with Grandma and Grandpa Miles. It was so hard to sleep that night knowing we'd have a new baby to take care of soon.

The morning finally arrived and off to Mountain View we drove. The surgery was scheduled for 7:30am Januray 29, 2014. We had to get up at like 4:30am and be there by 5am. I'm not much of a morning person ha ha (atleast a super early morning person). After we checked in, we got to our room where they began to prep me, give me an IV, and draw my blood. You know, all that super fun stuff! Alli and my mom showed up not too long after I was prepped to go in for surgery. Alli had her camera all ready to take pictures for me. Thanks again sis!

I ended up having the same anesthesiologist which I was so grateful for. I had a crazy weird experience with Tayen and he helped me through it a lot. Not many people would say this, but I was so happy to see him! We love John Foster! We talked a little about what happened last time and he explained to me that he would do a combined spinal and epidural to make sure I was completely numb. After he administered the spinal, we waited...and waited. I felt a little bit of tingling here and there, but when he asked if I could feel my toes for the 50th time I told him again, "I can feel my feet just fine." So the spinal didn't work. But on the upside, the epidural did thank goodness. I have a weird thing with anesthesia apparently. In the end, I couldn't feel a thing except pressure.

Major surgery is always scary. I am always scared when I go in but know I'll be well taken care of. Sometimes the pressure is fine and sometimes it's an overwhelming amount of pressure. Right when they took Jaxson out, I had a huge amount of pressure go right to my head, which has never happened before. It scared me so bad and hurt like heck! But, Jaxson came out soon after that and it was over. I heard his little cry and the emotions overcame me. They brought him over to me and put his sweet cheek against mine. Tears of happiness rolled down my face as I took in every second of that moment. He was so perfect. He looked a little like Tayen when he was born but only when he was just born. Brown hair, brown eyes, our sweet baby Jaxson. It was a wonderful moment.

I could barely keep my eyes open as they stitched me up to send me back to our room. I was so exhausted. Those who came into my room had to watch me try and stay awake. We were well taken care of with the exception of one nurse that kind of annoyed me ha ha. She had only worked there a few months apparently. No biggie though. We love Mountain View and have always had great experiences there. The recovery was much faster than last time and I'm so grateful for that. Now Jaxson is almost 8 weeks old and doing great! He even downed 2 oz his first bottle in the hospital! A growing boy! 8 pounds 6 ounces!

We had many visitors that came to visit and we are so grateful for them. Thanks to everyone who came to see us and the baby at the hospital and at our home. Not only that but for the gifts, the phone calls, and the meals. We have wonderful family, friends, and ward. Love you all!

 Ready to go!
Che and Bill are ready to go too ha ha
Passing through the window

First time holding Jaxson
First kiss
 First Bottle

 First family photo...terrible ha ha. This was the best one. We all look tired and crazy.

This was our celebration dinner. Sooo good! Steak and potatoes, my kind of celebration!

Spending time with Tay. We're playing a game on the Ipad.

Ha ha he's not so sure.
 Going home