Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tayen's Photo Shoot

Thanks to my sister, Alli, I got these adorable pictures of my little boy. She was here for two weeks when Tayen was born and helped me out so much with him on top of taking his newborn pictures. With my brother leaving and me having a baby, there was a lot of emotions and stress all around, so I appreciated all the support from my family. I loved having you here, Alli! Thanks so much for all your help and letting my baby be a model for your camera ha ha! He sure looks even sweeter in these photos. Looks like a drop of heaven! Love you!

 Alli: The photo above is the one I made into an 11x14 for his room. I love it so much!

So grateful for this gift from heaven! I can't get enough! I love you sweet boy :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tayen Reed Miles

Tayen Reed Miles
Born: March 18, 2012
Weight: 7lb 10oz
Height: 21.5 in


This post is for journal purposes, so I posted a few pictures that I absolutely hate of myself. I mean no one likes themselves after they just have a baby. Anyway, I wanted to post them so I had it in my records so just a warning, they aren't pretty. THIS IS MY STORY...

Well, I did it...I had a baby. Holy cow, that really shocks me. After 3 years, I finally got pregnant and the whole nine months I was pregnant it was just weird. I knew I was pregnant, but it didn't seem real. As the time went on, I believed it more and more as I felt him move around inside my belly. Then soon enough, 39 weeks rolls around and I'm thinkin', "Wait, shouldn't I be having my baby?"

Friday, March 16, my sister and her family came into town and I was sooo excited!! Alli and Brycen would be staying for 2 whole weeks!! It was only days before that my little brother, Adam would be leaving on his mission. Alli and Tyson sure came at the perfect time. I prayed that Tayen would come so my little brother could see him before he left. I had a lot of anxiety and was so miserable that I was very ready for him to come. I had really bad swelling and it was hard for me to get around. That same day I had an appointment with my doctor to see my progress. I was still completely closed and was not progressing. I cried to probably everyone there. I had a feeling that I would go over my due date and then some. I was just READY and needed to hear some good news. For the meantime, I had to put those thoughts aside and just focus on the events going on for the weekend.

Saturday night we celebrated my nephew Brycen's birthday whose birthday really isn't until April. But all the family was there and we partied it up that night! Hard to believe that I was ready to pop and my little brother would be speaking the next day in church for his mission. It all seemed so insane! The party was so much fun and it was Toy Story themed. Brycen had a great time and got some fun Toy Story presents. It was so wonderful to be with all my family and to just enjoy the time spent together.

The party came to an end and I was soo exhausted. My feet were the worst they had ever been. I got home and Che took off my socks. It was a very scary sight! I had such a big indention in my foot from the socks that it actually was painful! I decided to take a shower and just relax for the rest of the night. I felt so much better after my shower. Instead of going to sleep right away I decided to just watch a little T.V first. Sitting on our couch downstairs is kind of a challenge when you're almost 40 weeks pregnant. I kind o have to fall into the couch if I want to put my feet up. So, I "fell" into the couch and as soon as my butt hit the cushion I felt wetness...EVERYWHERE. I freaked out and ran to the bathroom so fast. I sat on the toilet and yelled to Che, "I think my water broke!" After waiting so long being pregnant, I never thought my water would break. And what shocked me the most was that IT NEVER STOPPED!!! No one ever told me that when your whatever breaks it just keeps going. I called Dr. Hall and told us to head to the hospital. When I thought I had control of the water, even more came out. I got dressed and Che and I calmly got our stuff together and got in the car. He put a towel on my seat and then we headed to Mountain View. After we pulled up, I got out of the car and then...gameover. Water went everywhere. You know the look of when you get water on your pants and your pants stick to your legs? Well that's exactly what happened. It was like I peed my pants right in front of my husband. I was mortifed, but also relieved because there was no one around. My water broke at 10:00pm on the dot. We arrived at Mountain View at 10:30 and I was calm, but really nervous. The first thing I said to the nurse was "I'm sorry my water is still going and I'm leaking in your wheelchair." ha ha. Seriously, I wish I would have known that it just doesn't stop!!!!

When the nurse first checked me I was 1cm and 60% effaced. Every hour I progressed 1cm until I reached 4cm. At this point, I was having really bad contractions and they were soo painful!! I seriously don't know how women want to have a natural birth ha ha. Although...I learned later that I can handle pain worse than contractions so it may as well been natural.

At 4cm I got my epidural around 2:30am. Such a relief. I was really nervous about the epidural, but I had a wonderful nurse at that time and even better an amazing Anesthesiologist. It was super intense but not as bad as I thought it would be. They talked me through it and I was still alive at the end so a success!! After the epidural they told me now was a good time that I could take a nap and rest for a while and I did not argue about that. Che pulled out the bed in our room and we rested for about 4 hours. I felt no pain. It was wonderful. The epidural was like an angel from heaven. Little did I know what was about to come...
I was at 4 1/2 cm for what seemed like such a long time. I started to feel aches in my back. I could only assume it was from lying in one position for a long period of time. We made it to the next day (Sunday) and I hadn't made a ton of progress. I finally got to 6cm when my back pain increased. It was a little painful and uncomfortable, but I just dealt with it for awhile. In the meantime, I missed my little brother's meeting and I was so sad!! My parents and sister Alli stopped by the hospital after the meeting to see me. They told me how wonderful of a job Adam did (later on I actually got to hear a recording and indeed he did amazing).

Later that day, I finally progressed to 8cm, but my back starting to sear in pain. It was so awful. The Che and the CRNA had to massage my back to relieve the pressure. Eventually it go so bad that I called them "Back Attacks." These were much worse than contractions and I was on the verge of screaming (which apparently I did a couple times according to Che). The labor seemed to go on forever. It didn't matter that I had an epidural because they couldn't do much about my back pain. There was only so many meds they could give me that were safe. Only one helped but BARELY. Eventually, they called Dr. Hall. At this point I was in the worst pain ever and couldn't take it anymore. I was giving up. They told Dr. Hall the situation and he gave me my options. Wait until I'm 10 cm and push or C-Section. I thought it over carefully, even though I knew the answer in my mind already...C-Section. The back pain scared me, especially knowing how long it took to get to 8 cm. It could be affecting my baby, who knows. I was already in labor for 22 hours, so why is this still going on? I didn't understand why I had to be in labor for that many hours. Everyone agreed that a C-Section was the best option. I was so relieved. The back pain continued through the C-Section and that's all I could focus on. I don't even really remember the whole C-Section, just the fact that my back felt like it was breaking. Then, as soon as they pulled Tayen out, immediate relief. It was the craziest thing ever. No one had ever seen anything like this before. But considering the circumstances, the staff did an amazing job and my CRNA and Che were my heroes that got me through. In the end, I had hesitations about my doctor. He's a really good doctor, but I just needed someone who's more caring, especially in this situation. After all the pain and the c-section, all I could think of was the fact that Tayen was here... 
Passing him through the window. He had such a huge conehead for being in the birth canal for so long. I wasn't really happy about that, but I heard that people have had longer labors than mine. I just thought we should have done the surgery much earlier. But apart from having a huge conehead, he was so beautiful the first time they showed him to me. I was really out of it by I do remember that  sweet face.
Here he is!! Welcome to the world little man!
Che holding his son for the first time
Father and son
Happy he's finally here
Love him so much
First bath
First family photo

My room where I stayed for 3 days. I had so many visitors too. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and for the gifts. We loved seeing everyone!
This was my ranking right before Tayen was born.
Putting him in his going home outfit. It was baby blue with elephants on it. He was so cute in that jammie and looks quite handsome in baby blue :)

Dad putting him in his carrier.
He's so small!!
Finally ready to go home!!!
First day home. We had some cleaning up to do so we brought his bassinet downstairst and put him in it. He looks so tiny!
Nap time
First diaper change at home and he opened his cute little eyes and I caught this cute picture.

Our little family
While we were at the hospital my little brother came to say goodbye to me! He left the next day on his mission. It was so emotional. I'm so proud of him and so far he has been out for 2 weeks and doing good. We love him so much and can't wait to here more of his experience. Tayen will be happy to play with his Uncle Adam as soon as he gets back. I still can't believe we are a family of three now and it's a wonderful feeling...took long enough!! My heart is sooo full and I'm so grateful. We love our little boy. Life is sure amazing :)