Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas this year was definitely one to remember. We had so much fun with all of our families and it was Tayen's very first Christmas! We were so excited to celebrate the holidays with our little guy. It was as special as we hoped it would be.
Our first fun get together was a Christmas party at Grandma and Grandp O'Connor's house.
 Mom and Tay
 Grandpa and Carter
 Excited to party!
 Grandma frying up the shrimp! We always have the most amazing food at our Christmas parties.
 Dad and Tay
Santa hat!
 Aaron and Britney rockin' their Christmas colors. I love this picture of these two.
 We also got to open a few presents at the party! The little boys got to open theirs from Grandma and Grandpa O'Connor. They all got fun jammies! We decided we had to get a picture and this is how it turned out. I took about three pictures and this was the best one ha ha.
We draw names in our family, so we all opened our gifts from each other.
 Tayen loved his presents from everyone!
All the other boys loved theirs too!
Christmas Eve rolled around and we were so excited!! We headed to Blackfoot to Grandma and Grandpa Miles' house and almost immediately got into our pj's!
 Tayen in his "My First Christmas" jammies
 Before Tayen's bedtime, Grandpa read us "The Night Before Christmas."
Christmas morning!!! Ready to see what Santa brought!
He pretty much got spoiled by everyone. Thanks everyone for all the fun gifts for Tayen!
 Che's Uncle even made this amazing rocking horse for Tayen. It's sooo beautiful! Thank you so much! Even though his feet can't touch yet, he loves it! Tayen also loved watching the dogs through the window. Christmas Day was so fun and relaxing. We vegged out, watched movies, and just enjoyed the day. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Miles for a fun Christmas!
Later that evening, we headed back to Grandma and Grandpa O'Connor's house. The kids sure had fun playing together and they got to open a few more presents!
 Carter and Tayen
Opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa
 After presents we played Guesstures! It was quite entertaining.


Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!