Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy October!

The following are my top 5 reasons why OCTOBER is my favorite month:

  1. It's a Fall month and that is my favorite season-This includes Fall smells, Fall decor, Fall weather, clothes, Mini Bazaar, and of course Fall candy (Candy Corn)!!
  2. Love watching Conference
  3. My birthday month with my twin! (we have a lot of fun)
  4. Halloween is my favorite holiday
  5. HORROR movies! I don't know if I will beat my record this year though of horror movies watched. I think last year it was almost 30 in the month of October. Thank you Fear Fest!
I now have told you my general top 5 reasons why I love this month so much, but here are a few bonuses that are really going make my OCTOBER even better!
  1. In two weeks, my mom, Amy, and I are going to Alli's in Ogden to spend our birthday weekend! We're going to go shopping, eat, hang out, love up on my nephew, be girly, and just be plain out awesome!!
  2. The weekend after that, Tyson and Alli are coming to Idaho Falls! While they are here we are going to have a birthday bash! I have no idea what it's like NOT to spend my birthday with my sister...and I never want to know :)
  3. We are updating our bathroom! New tub for me! Hooray!
  4. New season of The Walking Dead starts on the 16th
  5. And I can't forget the most important bonus: We will be finding out the gender of our sweet baby on the 28th! Technically on Halloween, I will be exactly 20 weeks...that would totally happen to me right? October your favorite month yet? I know December may be a lot of people's favorite month (and Christmas comes in very close to Halloween in my top favorites), but wouldn't you agree that October pretty much rules? Well, if you don't so, I think you should ha ha. Oh be sure to check out my favorite Halloween songs on my playlist! They pretty much rule!


I know mine will be :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pregnancy Talk

My Pregnancy So Far:

Weeks 6-13: Morning sickness 'til about 2:00pm in the afternoon and if I waited too long too eat. I was super tired and didn't want to go anywhere. One day, I waited to long to eat breakfast and I threw up in the the sink, then the toilet, and then the sink downstairs. I learned a good lesson after that day ha ha.

Favorite Snacks: Premium Saltine Crackers, Honey Wheat Pretzels, Fruit Snacks, wheat toast, string cheese, Fresca, Sprite, Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi, baby carrots, and mashed potatoes. There was actually a point where all I wanted was mashed potatoes, because they always seemed to make me feel better. I had them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I haven't craved super weird things, but I have craved some things I don't usually get. And the things I get ALL the time (Pork Salads) I NEVER get!

Smells: I haven't struggled too bad with smells, but there are some that really make me sooo sick. I can't walk into Cafe Rio or Costa Vida without wanting to puke. The pork smells make me sick. On top of that BBQ sauce and super greasy fried stuff make me sick. So the fair smells didn't help at all.

I am currently 15 weeks and have not felt any morning sickness in the last two. It feels sooo good to have some of your energy back and not feel sick. I don't have much of an appetite, but I feel really good!! One thing that I've noticed is how seriously crazy I feel sometimes. My brain doesn't function like I want it to. I have a bad memory anyway, but I think it's worse. Today at work I waited for 5 minutes for my co-worker because the door was locked. Ya I forgot I had a key. I'm losin' it people!

We have been a week ahead on all of our OB appointments and today I had my 16 week appointment, even though I'm only 15 weeks. I listened to that wonderful heartbeat once again and I couldn't stop smiling. Everything so far seems to be going just fine! I love being pregnant and am so grateful that it finally happened! Apart from feeling pretty ugly, I love the feeling of pregnancy and can't wait for the rest of our journey!

 My 20 week appointment is scheduled for October 28th and I couldn't be more thrilled! So excited to find out what my little "Spook" is (as my mom says). I love Halloween and 20 weeks lands on Halloween exactly so that is even better! But when I find out the big news, I will be sure to do a very special blog post!! Can't wait to be a mom!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

4 Years

Happy 4 year Anniversary to my amazing husband, Che. I love you so much babe!! And there's nothing better than celebrating, knowing we will be starting our family come March!! Happy Anniversary

Love You

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Extensive Surgery

Ok, so I don't need an actual operation, but feel I need to be surgically removed from my twin before she moves. Yes, that's what I said, Alli is moving and all I can think of is "my life is over." I have been with my sister pretty much my whole life. The longest we've been apart was when she lived in Utah during her internship. So it was probably, I don't know, 4 weeks. She did come home here and there, but that was hard! Tyson got a new job in Ogden and their family will be moving in only 2 weeks! I know what you're thinking...she's only moving to Ogden. I do feel very grateful that it's there and not like New York, otherwise I would flip out! Anyway, I am super happy for them and know that they will be just fine. I will miss them sooo much!! Knowing me I will probably see them atleast once a month. Day trips are the best! I want them to know how much we love them and how we'll miss all the double dates we had together. I know we will continue to do it again, I just hope it's soon!! Now only 2 more weeks until the worst surgery ever! Hope it's not too painful ;) We love you Miller Family!! Don't forget us!

Love Che and Am

Friday, September 2, 2011

12 Week Appointment and My New Nephew

Well, turns out I was about 10 days off on my due date ha ha. I'm actually due March 19th not 9th. I am 11 weeks and 4 days instead of 13 weeks. Not really sure how that happened but it's okay! All I care about is that I'm pregnant and so happy!!
 Today I had my 12 week appointment and got to hear the heartbeat! As I lay there, all I can think of is, "please let there be a hearbeat." I got to see it (barely) early in my pregnancy but never hear it, so I was on pins and needles today. It seemed like forever waiting for that heartbeat to come. And soon as that whisping sound arose, I lost it and the tears came. This was the first time I cried (and I'm quite the sensitive, emotional person). I didn't even cry when I found out I was pregnant! After miscarrying in December, it was just hard to except that everything was fine with this pregnancy. But after today, I now have a complete different feeling. I'm so emotionally excited, happy, overwhelmed, and anxious. So many emotions went through me today. And all Che could talk about was what we were going to have a boy or a girl. He really wants to go shopping for some baby lugs ha ha. I can't wait to find out the gender.
So, yes we aren't as far along as we thought, but we couldn't feel more grateful. I have a little person inside me and it has a heartbeat. I can't describe in words how truly blessed we are. My new nephew is so precious and perfect. Just holding him and being around him has made me so excited to be a mom. I feel like I've been waiting for so long to be "Mom" and now it's only months away. I think I might start crying again...but I won't. Instead, I'm going to go to lunch with Mom and Alli, and go help Aaron and Britney move their little Boston home. Best Day Ever!
My new nephew, Boston Charles O'Connor
Born August 30, 2011 at 11:04am
8lb 6oz and 20 3/4 in long
So grateful and blessed to have all of these wonderful things in my life. Boston is so precious and sweet, I love him so much. Congrats to Aaron and Britney on their beautiful arrival. What a beautiful family. Love you guys!