Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Drumroll Please...

We had our 20 Week Ultrasound on Monday morning, and it's a...BOY! We are so excited for Tay to have a little brother. A lot of us were expecting and even hoping for a little girl, but a boy is equally exciting! This little guy will be the 5th grandchild and grandson. No girls yet, but maybe in the future! We got a lot of fun ultrasound pictures but here are a few of my favorites...
 Cute little feet
 This one is my favorite! You probably all think I'm so weird, but in the spirit of Halloween, look how creepy this photo is! Ultrasounds show amazing things! The white is bone, which if you look you can see the spinal cord. It's a crazy awesome picture. Way to go kiddo! You must love Halloween like your momma! You rocked out this picture! Ha ha

 17 Weeks
20 Weeks
I probably should have done a closer shot on my 20 week photo but look at the difference between 3 weeks! Well I can see a difference I don't know about you!
I can't believe we're halfway there! So excited to have this little peanut. I'm feeling pretty good and everything has gone really well as far as the baby being healthy. I'm not sick anymore so as long as that continues I can't complain!! Well unless I'm 35 weeks ha ha. I remember how that was with Tayen. Luckily by that time, I won't have too much going on. Excited for the fun things to come!
 Oh and I can't forget...In 3 days, I get to head to Utah for a girls shopping weekend! I can't wait! Perfect timing because I haven't gone shopping in FOREVER! See you gals soon!

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Fun Starts Here

Summer is over and Fall is just beginning! I absolutely love everything about Fall, especially because things start really getting busy. But honestly, that's how I like it! Here's what's been going on and what's to come...
 Monday, we find out what we are having and we're so excited!! Is it a boy or a girl? I don't know, you tell us! I will be 20 weeks pregnant this Sunday and half way there! I'm not feeling sick anymore, but I do still feel VERY hot and I hate it. I need the weather to cool off even more. I already have a little swelling, but that comes from chasing Tayen everywhere. Like I've said before, this pregnancy is much different than the last. Taking it a day at a time is all I can really do at this point. But we are over the moon about it! Can't wait!
Last Thursday, I started up with choir again. The Idaho Falls Choralaires is an all women's choir that I've been singing with for a couple years now and I really love it. I NEED the choir aspect in my life especially now that I'm not in school anymore. It's such a nice break for me and I look forward to singing my heart out every week. I'm so grateful I have choir opportunities here in town and it's only a bonus that I have a little adult interaction for a change! It's always a little weird singing Christmas music this early though, but that's what happens when you're in preparation for a Christmas concert! So grateful for the music in my life!
Next week we will be heading to Ogden for a girls weekend! I'm so excited to have some girl time with no kids! I will miss Tayen terribly though. Sometimes I get mixed feelings leaving him for a couple days and then I think, uh no I think I'd like to shop by myself ha ha. Super excited!
I've been primary chorister for about 7 months now and I'm starting to love it! It can be really difficult at times with Tayen because with Che gone, I don't know how he'll be in nursery so I worry about that. It was a little overwhelming at first with this calling, but everything seems to be in order now. This calling is a lot of work, but it's a great experience and super fun. I love those kids. We're just starting preparation for our primary program so things are really getting busy!
 Tayen will be 18 months in 5 days! He just started nursery last week and it was a little rough, but I know it will get better in time. I took a couple pictures of him from the last two Sundays. This first picture is of him in the new shirt I bought him. He looks so handsome!

 First day of nursery!

Cousin Boston turned two at the end of August and we had a cowboy party! It was so fun and Tayen had a blast! Here's some pictures from that fun day...

 The Birthday Boy

 Tayen has a pretty goofy uncle!
 Tay loved the rocking horse that was there...until the horse made sounds ha ha.
 Getting ready to open presents!

 Boston had to show everyone, every present that he got ha ha. He's such a cute kid.
 Dad wearing Tay's cowboy hat. I think it's a little small.
 Great Grandma Murri and Grandma O'Connor
 Boston and Great Grandpa Murri
 Amy and Justin
 Make a wish!
 Britney made the cutest and most yummy vanilla cupcakes!
 Can you tell how good they are?


Two little cowboys
Tune in next week for the big news!!! Is it a boy? Or is it a girl?