Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Last Time

September 21, 2012 we all packed up and headed off to the cabin in Ashton for the last time. Because the cabin was sold, we wanted to spend some time there and take it all in before we couldn't go anymore. It was definitely hard knowing it was the last time, but we took full advantage and had a wonderful weekend. We labeled it as the first official O'Connor Family Reunion!
Hooray for a fun weekend!
Che, Tayen, and I decided to head up a little earlier on Friday and hit Big Judd's as a family. It was Deeeelicious! I had a quarter of a Big Judd and well...Che ate the rest ha ha.
And it was Tayen's very first time at Big Judd's!
The icecream was also fantastic
When we got to the cabin, we unloaded all of our stuff and didn't waste anytime starting the fun! Che has a 9mm that I still didn't know how to shoot yet, so he taught me how. It's been bugging me for awhile and now I know how to shoot our gun!! Most importantly, now I can sleep better at night when Che's working night shifts!

Amy joined in on the fun too!

It wasn't an O'Connor Reunion without all the cute nephews!! Boston
Saturday morning, all the boys went golfing and the girls decorated the cabin to surprise Aaron for his 30th birthday...and he was surprised as you can see!!
Opening presents
Happy birthday, Aaron!
After Aaron opened all his gifts, we all went to lunch where Aaron wanted to go...Pond's Lodge. I have never eaten there and it was amazing. They had the best burger ever!

What'd I tell ya? Looks divine, no?
On our way back to the cabin!
Later that evening, my sister Alli took our family pictures at the cabin. It was really a special day not only because we were having family pictures at the cabin, but because it was also Che and I's 5 year anniversary. I'm so thankful for him. So much has happened in the last 5 years, it's weird to imagine that we have an amazing son who's 6 months old and that we've been married that long! He's such an amazing father and husband, I'm one lucky girl. I love you, babe. Happy Anniversary :)

The cabin weekend is one we will never forget. As you can see from this picture, there is so much beauty and peace at the cabin in Ashton. The sun will warm your heart, the river will drift you to sleep, and the memories will never be forgotton. I've been going there my whole life and it has filled my heart with so much love and happiness. We will always remember the cabin. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for providing this wonderful place for your family to grow together. It is because of you that we are all so united with love.

Maybe someday we will meet again, cabin...Farewell