Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brycen Turns One

On April 5th, my adorable little nephew turned 1 years old! And on April 8th, somewhere in Idaho Falls, a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party began...

...at The Millers! Best party I've ever been too. Alli had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing on the tv, we had "Hot Diggity Dogs" for dinner (hotdogs obviously), she made cute party favors for the little ones, and her and I made some fun Mickey Mouse cupcakes! It was one big Mickey party!!

Check out that present table! Brycen has a lot of family that loves to spoil him!

He was happy happy happy the WHOLE time! He just soaked it all in.

He opened presents...

...and of course ate cake. A cupcake that is.

Happy Birthday, Buddy!!! Your Uncle Che' and Aunt Am LOVE you so much and we want you to know that you are a very special part in our lives. And stop growing up so fast! Happy 1st Birthday, Brycen! Oh, and we're so glad you love "Moosh" so much! (Moosh is the pillow pet we got him).