Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Honeymoon... 3 Years Later

Last month Che and I FINALLY took our honeymoon! We went on an Eastern Caribbean Cruise and had the time of our lives. I could have stayed there forever!! I took about 700 pictures on this trip so here is just a small taste of the fun we had. Some of them aren't really in order so I will do my best to let you know what's what. Enjoy!

Our room on the ship. The bed was sooo incredibly comfortable. I slept like a rock every night.

My Carnival Cup. We got a bottomless beverage card and then they gave me this. I dranks a lot of Diet Coke ha ha.

Watching the other Carnival cruiseline leave. It's amazing how huge these ships are!

We were greeted with a different towel animal every night. Puts a smile on your face doesn't it?

Che reading up on all the fun things to do!

We sat at this table every night for dinner at the Silver Olympian (table 572). The food was to die for and every meal was an amazing experience. That never got old. The servers and cruise directors even entertained us throughout dinner. This is Che and I on formal night.

And I can't forget these two amazing people, Josh and Rachel Austin from North Carolina. These guys were our dinner partners throughout the cruise. The servers brought Che and I this cake with a candle and sang, "Happy Honeymoon to You!!" It was so hilarious and fun. We weren't sure how they new it was our honeymoon. And then they turned around and did the same thing to Josh and Rachel. They were also on their honeymoon. So fun!

Amazing sunsets

Isn't this gorgeous?

Cozumel, Mexico (our first stop). I absolutely loved this sign because I love this movie ha ha

Puerta Maya, Mexico

Some Mayan ruins

Che and I went on a Jeep Tour in Cozumel and our group stopped at this cute place on the beach. We had the most amazing tacos.

We enjoyed movie night on our cruise. They played the best movies too! Despicable Me and Tangled were my favorites tha they played. They even popped popcorn for us.

We went to a few shows while we were there and learned we could bring eat in there. They have these little table on every seat so Che and I would eat our dinner and then go grab more dessert and take it to the shows.

Che and I with our "Funtimes" Pamphlet. This thing was so awesome because it told us all the great things that were going on that day.

Monkey towel!! My favorite one!

Che and I at the Comedy Club

Our second stop was Grand Cayman (my favorite stop), and we went to Hell

This is Hell

We also got to visit a turtle farm. This was so awesome. I got to hold these wonderful turtles. They were sooo cute!

Che and his humongo turtle

We went to Stingray City and got to swim with them. This is me holding HUGE one. They are so slimey but awesome.

Carnival Liberty, our wonderful cruiseliner

We also went snorkeling in Cozumel, Mexico. Sooo fun! I am so glad I finally got the chance to do all of these amazing things. The water was so clear and beautiful.

Che driving our jeep on the jeep tour in Mexico

Our feet on the amazing Mexico beaches.

We climbed to the top of a lighthouse on our jeep tour in Mexico. The view was breathtaking. This is Che and I at the top.

Second formal night. We were so grateful to have met Josh and Rachel. They were around our age and were the funnest people! We actually booked our Grand Cayman excursion together by accident. We hung out with them so much on our cruise. Saw a couple shows, ate dinner every night, and spent the day in Grand Cayman together. We love you guys!!

Just a taste of what we ate at dinner...can you say amazing?

They had like 4 of these selfserve icecream machines on the ship and they were addicting!!! We would always grab one if we were nearby. We even had some for breakfast ha ha!

Che and I on the beach of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We witnessed the murder of a crab here. You'll have to ask me the story sometime. It's too gruesome to publicly share on my blog. Dumb kid, I hate you!

Dunn River Falls in Ocho Rios.

We ate a cute place in Jamaica and had their famous Jerk Chicken and Jerk Sauce!

Did a little shopping. Grand Cayman was the best for shopping. I got the cutest pair of sandals!

Ocho Rios

Swimming. The water was sooo warm!

Enjoying a moonlight stroll on the ship.

Thank you to my amazing husband who took me on this fabulous honeymoon. We had the time of our lives, I can't wait to do it again. Cruisin' is the way to travel, let me tell ya. I love you Che! I will always remember this wonderful vacation with the love of my life. Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Little Bit of Spring 2011

Well everyone, we just got our new computer put together today and I'm a happy camper!! Thanks to Pete for helping us build it. It's sooo nice and I couldn't wait to post! Well it's been a while and I never got the chance to post my Spring pics. So here is just a little taste of what we did in the Spring...

I made these little brownie nests for Easter Sunday at my parents

Brycen, Grandma, and Great Grandma (according to Brycen). Don't you just love Great Grandma's animated face? I love it!

Brycen and Amy on Easter Sunday

Che's mom and dad got another puppy. Her name is Addie and she is so sweet! They actually just got another as well but I can't remember the name.

For Mother's Day, my mom got a new laptop!! Woo hoo go Mom!! And all of us kids got her a new camera. You deserve it, Mom! I'm officially going to wish my mom and mother-in-law a Happy Mother's Day! Even though it was a while ago, I forgot to do a shout out on my blog, so there ya go! I love you both so much!

Amy and Adam both had birthdays in the month of May. Amy and Brycen blowing out her candles. Sorry Ad, I didn't get any pics of you on your birthday! Happy birthday guys, we love you!

Fun Spring tulips by my front porch :)

And I can't forget our Spring concert for the Choralaires! Temala, Steph, and I all had solos for the concert. It was a patriotic theme and it turned out really great.

So that was my Spring in a few pictures!! I'm so glad to have a computer that works. I guess it's better late than never when posting right? Next post, I will have some pics from Che and I's honeymoon. But I'm not going to put many so you'll have to go check out my Facebook for the rest of them!!